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I excitedly continued to read the Twilight saga as I got my hands on the next book in the series. This time i read it in English and although the Icelandic translation is really good, I noticed the difference in the language. The characters as well as the conversations were much more real – or maybe everything just sounds better in English;)

I wasn’t as happy with Eclipse as the first two books in the series. Like the author has talked about, this third novel gave her an opportunity to go deeper into the history of some of the characters. As the reader I really felt like these background stories affected the progress of the story. Some were long and I started to lose interest. But it came back when the stories were over and I guess they were important to the story.

As with all my readings this one got to me though it had it’s good and bad sides and I finished the last 300 pages (in English) in one sitting so I guess I liked the book after all:) I watched the movie straight after I finished reading!

This time around i felt that the book was so much better than the movie. As for the first two movies they followed the books to an acceptable degree and left little out. But I can’t imagine how viewers that haven’t read the Eclipse were supposed to follow the movie. In the book, so much is said through descriptions of eyes, speech and such that didn’t come through at all in the movie. I don’t know if it is due to poor acting (which is my first guess and then mainly for Bella because the story is told through her eyes), poor directing or if the script just didn’t have room for this perspective. It’s sad because in my opinion the text of the book is written rather beautifully.

I am still looking forward to reading Breaking dawn though i guess there is a rather long time until the movie is released. I will probably review those separately. I recommend this book as usual for teenagers and adults with healthy imagination. Where is the fun in reading fantasy-novels and not being able to imagine that what happens could actually happen in real life. I give Eclipse a total of 3.5 stars


After the first Twilight novel and movie I was basically hooked. I needed to know more about this world of vampires but also hoped that the story wouldn’t go out of hand.

So my next blog reviews the second book in the series New moon. I had heard that in this second part of the story of Bella and Edward, things would start getting weird and that the movie was crap.

I have to disagree… I actually liked this one even more than the first one. Even though it was just as long there was much more action in this story. I highly recommend reading the books before watching the move and of course I’m struggling with following my own advise right now. I really really want to watch Eclipse but I have to wait while I finish the book!!!

In this one Bella and Edward kind of break up and there was a part in the book where you (the reader) would turn the pages and on each new page was a new month. That really gave me goosebumps and showed how Bella was nothing without Edward. Stephanie Meyer really made an impression on me and cought my attention with this and I couldn’t help but wonder how the movie would handle this. It turned out the movie did it perfectly (you just need to see for yourself).

I really like the movie adaptations of the books. Cute guys, realistic characters and they follow the dialogue and plot of the book almost to the core.

Overall I am happy and would recommend this book and the movie. I give it 4 stars:)

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