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I have been wanting to read the “The legend of the ice people” series for about ten years now and finally finished my first book – Spellbound.  The writer, Margit Sandemo, comes from Norway and has published several other series but The legend of the ice people is her best known one (at least here in Iceland). My B.A. thesis in Icelandic was about how literature and popular culture influence name-giving and it is obvious that the influence of the series is great here in Iceland. In the English translation they change the names though.

The series was written in the years 1982-1988 and have been published time and time again in many countries and languages. Spellbound sets place in the 16th century in and after the plage. The protagonist, the 17 year old Silja finds two children who have been abandoned and takes them in. Then she meets and falls in love with Þengill, who has supernatural powers and is the descendant of Þengill the evil. So the story is a historic romance and a fantasy.

There are 47 books in the series and as the matter of fact I’m quite afraid that I made a huge mistake by reading Spellbound…. because I LOVED IT! I am so looking forward to reading the second book in the series: Witch-hunt but if it, and the remaining 45 books, prove to be as good as the first one – I’m in big trouble! (But also in heaven!)

There is a long time since I’ve been so captured by the first page of a book. It’s easy to read and follow, fun to read through and sexy as hell! But it also leaves a lot of unanswered questions, it’s almost as if the writer didn’t start out with a clear plot in mind. I suspect that many of these questions will be answered in the following books.

I recommend this book for teenagers and adults, both male and female and i give it 4,5 stars.

That’s it for now – I’m off to continue reading Eclipse;)