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Nei ráðherra í Borgarleikhúsinu

A week ago I once more went to the theater, this time to see a farce that I had little expectations for. It’s called Out of order (Nei ráðherra!) and is written by Ray Cooney. A few of years ago I saw another play by him, Funny money (Viltu finna milljón) and I really liked that one so I thought Out of order would be great as well. Before it’s premiere it had been hyped up so I was excited to see it but I noticed that the hype was over quickly when people started to see the play. Normally I enjoy farces – they are maybe not the deepest or most meaningful plays around but they usually make you laugh and also the script is well written and the plot well thought out.

My boyfriend and I didn’t particularly like this one though. It’s about a minister in  a government who finds a dead guy in the window of the hotelroom where he is planning to engage in adultery. Normally a farce is built up the same way. Situations and characters are presented, something happens that needs some covering up and as the lies get more and more complicated the caracters get more and more desperate. My main criticism for Out of order is that the audience barely get to know the situation and the characters before the lies start. Only 5-10 minutes into the play the main character and some of the supporting characters get so neurotic that they are shouting out their lines as they run around the stage in panic.  The audience (me) was not ready for this type of frenzy so early on in the play.

The actors were okay and the characters had some funny quirks but it just felt like they were trying too hard. There really isn’t much to say about the lighting or use of sound. The stage was set up as a hotel suite and outside of it was a replica of two buildings in Reykjavik to show where the hotel was placed. The best use of the stage in my opinion was a window to the balcony that was constantly shutting down with a BANG. The best thing about the play was the Icelandic translation. The text was funny and the localization of it was well executed.

Maybe I’m too young to get this play or maybe I’m finally getting some class when it comes to theatre –  in any case I didn’t like this one very much. It gets 2 stars and I can’t really recommend it in itself. It’s always a fun night though to go to the theater.