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This week I got a call from my aunt who told me that she had extra ticket for a classical concert with Iceland Symphony Orchestra. Since it was on my list of things to do I accepted and thought to myself that even if I wouldn’t like it I would at least get a fun night out with my aunt. I have never been to a real classical concert before. My closest experince of such would be a few recitals in my music school. But there is something that tells me that fifteen kids butchering the far too overly used pieces on piano, violin or flute is perhaps not the best way to experience classical music.

When we walked into the concert hall we heard the musicians tuning their instruments and the conductor and soloist walked onto the stage.  I got excited but also felt a bit out of place since I had no idea how to behave in these circumstances. The conductor was Gennadíj Rosdestvenskíj and the soloist who played the first half was actually his son, Alexander Rosdestvenskíj. He played Violin concerto no. 4 by Alfred Schnittke with the orchestra. I liked his performance very much and as far as I can tell he is a great musician but I’m still not sure what I felt about that piece. It was messy and especially for the untrained ear it broke down generalized ideas of what music should sound like. Alexander did a short extra piece with his mother who played the piano. It was also by Schnittke and was a lot more fun – I can safely say that I liked that one.

After the break the orchestra played Symphony no. 8 in C minor (Opus 65) by Dmitri Sjostakovitsj. That one was powerful, exciting and I thought it was pretty good. I was getting a little tired though so in the two slow parts of the symphony my mind wandered a bit. I think you need to train yourself for this kind of culture:) Overall it was a delightful experience and I would definitely go to a classical concert again.  

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New blog

Posted on: 30.9.2010

Hello everybody:)
Since some of my friends have started their blogs again with great enthusiasm and awesome results (see examples in links to the side), I wanted to do the same. I don’t know why the trend is to blog in English but I’ll follow and hopefully I will get better at it over time.

Since I am a complete book-worm, the main purpose of this blog is to review the books that I finish. I love reading and whenever I finish a book it never fails to give me a small sense of accomplishment. I read a variety of books (in English and in Icelandic) and I always finish them even though I don’t really think they are good. Other things I might review are movies, music and plays I go to.

Well that’s it for now! See you through the screen:)