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Due to my new job as a teacher and a trip to Århus in Denmark I haven’t read or blogged as much as I wanted for the last couple of months. But I’m back now:) Recently I finished reading my first book by John Connolly. I think that normally he writes action novels, crime and thrillers but the one that I read was something else. It’s called The book of lost things and I would say that it is a children’s book for adults. By that I mean that it has everything that we loved about books as children but intended for adults and not kids.

The story is about David who is a young boy that goes into a crack of a wall because he hears the voice of his mother but finds himself trapped in another world. He needs to find a way out again and in the process he has to face all sorts of challenges and weird creatures.

The story was written beautifully and it was very fun to read. The descriptions of things, characters, creatures or landscape were detailed and added a lot to the story and made it more real even though it is a pretty wild fantasy. My only critici


is that there were a few unfinished things in the story, like David’s mental illness that is almost only part of the beginning of the book but isn’t used at all in later chapters. For my part I always need explanation of everything to believe it and I felt that I needed more explanation regarding this world and why David got there. Was this all just a dream or what?

I recommend this book for teenagers and adults that can imagine that “it could happen”, even though it’s pretty out there. I give it 4.5 stars because over all it was wonderful!


At last! These past couple of months I have literally been in another world. I’m writing a fantasy novel that takes place in another world and I was really (too much) into it. In November I took part in a writing challenge called NaNoWriMo and wrote a novel of 50.000 words and in December I have been finishing the last chapters of that novel. It’s been a great experience but I have to apologize to everybody around me as I know that I have not been the most easiest person to live with lately. Kind of zombie-like:)

Well, tonight I finally made time to go and see part one of the Harry Potter finale. Me and my brother went together and we had fun even though everything went wrong that could possibly go wrong e.g. due to our lateness we got the last two tickets and had to sit in the front row.  The movie was overall good and did the book justice. There wasn’t really much that happened in this part though, it’s main purpose is to build up excitement. For me the cast did great and I was happy to see Bill Nighy join the group as the minister of magic. I also really loved watching the love story develop.

The downside in my opinion was Daniel Radcliffe’s performance. I’ve never really thought he was believable in his role as the main character. In each film there is at least one awkward moment, i think it’s connected with the fact that he has to cry so often in the films. Another thing that I missed in this movie was the music, the sound effects were great and I know that there are ‘dark times’ but I missed the jingles and the theme song playing over and over during the movie. I’ll make it up to me by listening to it now:)

Nevertheless the movie left me wanting more so it gets 4,5 stars. I can’t wait until July to see the last part! Until then I just have to listen to the band Ministry of magic. Here is a link to my favorite song with them – Accio love

Tonight was theater night! Again:)
I had almost given up on reading the award winning novel(ette) The people in the basement by the Icelandic author Auður Jónsdóttir. At least i was making no progress and had lost interest in the book. Now on the other hand I will try once more after I’ve seen the play that’s based on the book. And if and when I finish it I’ll update this post so stay tuned…

But right now I want to quickly review the play. There are two stories going on at the same time. One that is happening now and one is Klara’s, the main-characters, memories of her childhood. Her parents were of the ’68 people, drank, smoked and fought a lot. Klara has to make peace with her own world but to do that she has to make peace with her parents world.

The setting of the play was practical, there were seats on both sides of the stage. I specially noticed the lighting, which added a lot to the scene. The music was also very well handled. Ilmur, who played Klara, did an amazing job with interpreting the character. She sold her, made her believable and made me laugh and have tears in my eyes. Other characters, such as the man in the basement and Klara’s husband also did a great job.

I love that you can buy really cheap theater tickets in Iceland now. It’s almost the same price as going to the movies but the plays stick with you for so much longer and you always enjoy yourself!

I recommend this play for people 18 years and up. I can’t see teenagers or children liking it and also there is cursing, drinking, partying and such in it. I want to give the play 4.5 stars.

That’s it for now!