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Hello everyone, it’s been a while!

I took a little break from the site this summer while I was working on my M.Ed. thesis. Now it’s almost done so I can start enjoying life again:) A lot of people ask me why this blog is in English (they find it weird, especially since I teach Icelandic). Just in case you are wondering, there are two main reasons. 1: because this way I have a much larger “audience” and 2: to improve my English. This has actually already started paying off. Last May/June I went to the States (Boston and New York) with my colleagues and I was really satisfied with the way I had improved my English beforehand. So I’ll keep it up and hopefully I’ll have a lot of fun things to blog about ūüôā

That being said, this blog will not be one of those. I bought a great handbook the other day and got a free novel with it. It looked really promising but as soon as I started reading, I knew it would be a let down. And it was – in the end I had to power through it.

Paper Butterfly

The novel is called Paper Butterfly and the author is Diane Wei Liang. It says on the cover that it’s an action story from exotic world. Well, I didn’t see any action and I didn’t find the exotic part exciting.

The story is about a private detective, Mai Wang, who gets a case on her desk where a female pop star has gone missing. Mai tries to discover the story of that pop star and learns of a beautiful love affair between her and a guy when they were younger. The story spins around an historical event, the student protest in China in the year 1989. Okay, I actually liked that one, as I learned a little something while I read. The same thing applies with the framework of the novel. Another thing that was good were the descriptions in the story, the author often uses beautiful words.

Perhaps it was due to the translation but the story did not flow very easily. As a result, it took a longer time than necessary to read. It bothered me to have the Chinese words constantly in the text. Sometimes it was like I fell out of rythm in the story and it took some time to get back in again. I want to blame it on the cultural differences but the main problem with this story was that it just didn’t hook me – I wanted it to be a great novel but instead it was a great disappointment.

I recommend this book to anyone who feel like they have read everything but I can only give it 1 star.

That’s it for now…



What a disappointment! 600+pages of NOTHING. Then something happens and you start to get excited but oh wait… there is more NOTHING… AND what little that does happen is semi creepy…¬†in a bad way! The plot… or lack there of… is really thin. And sometimes I was grossed out even by some images the plot presents. I really had to force myself to keep reading.¬†The one thing I liked was how Stephenie Meyer wrote from other perspectives. It’s like the first book all over again, nothing happens. But at least in Twilight it was acceptable up to a point because the fantasy world had to be properly introduced. This is just sad… I am really not looking forward to seeing the film, I lost all interest. (But I probably will see it – it can’t be as bad as the book)

I am too annoyed to review this more. I’ve started reading the next book on my list “The book of lost things” and I can already see that it’s review will be a lot more positive one! 1 star