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The people in the basement

Posted on: 27.10.2010

Tonight was theater night! Again:)
I had almost given up on reading the award winning novel(ette) The people in the basement by the Icelandic author Auður Jónsdóttir. At least i was making no progress and had lost interest in the book. Now on the other hand I will try once more after I’ve seen the play that’s based on the book. And if and when I finish it I’ll update this post so stay tuned…

But right now I want to quickly review the play. There are two stories going on at the same time. One that is happening now and one is Klara’s, the main-characters, memories of her childhood. Her parents were of the ’68 people, drank, smoked and fought a lot. Klara has to make peace with her own world but to do that she has to make peace with her parents world.

The setting of the play was practical, there were seats on both sides of the stage. I specially noticed the lighting, which added a lot to the scene. The music was also very well handled. Ilmur, who played Klara, did an amazing job with interpreting the character. She sold her, made her believable and made me laugh and have tears in my eyes. Other characters, such as the man in the basement and Klara’s husband also did a great job.

I love that you can buy really cheap theater tickets in Iceland now. It’s almost the same price as going to the movies but the plays stick with you for so much longer and you always enjoy yourself!

I recommend this play for people 18 years and up. I can’t see teenagers or children liking it and also there is cursing, drinking, partying and such in it. I want to give the play 4.5 stars.

That’s it for now!


3 Responses to "The people in the basement"

I think the word you are looking for is pulp fiction (e. reifari), however, novelette has a nice ring to it 😉

I think that novelette is under 50.000 words and a novel is over 50.000 words…

Of course that is supposed to be (í. reifari). I guess I’m just more used to translating in the other direction 😉

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