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The Finnhorse

Posted on: 24.10.2010

Yesterday evening was really fun. I had a lovely early dinner with awesome people at Argentina steakhouse and then some of us went to the theater.
The play is written by a famous Finnish playwright, Sirkku Peltola and is a comedy and a drama.

It’s about a family in Finland that lives on a farm. The parents have been split up for many years and the man has a new girlfriend but he has no money to move in with her so he has to stay living with his ex wife and his mother in-law. They have two children, a grown up son who has unrealistic dreams and is the type that is always trying to make easy money, and a teenage daughter who dislikes her life in general. The play shows the effects of the administrative burden that comes with the EU on the rural family.

Overall it was a good experience. In my opinion the cast was the real upside to the play, and I specially loved the grandmother. Her dialog was sharp and ironic and hilarious. The other actors were also good, I really liked the performance of the ‘mother’ who had a very believable eczema and all sorts of problems.

Maybe I make a shallow audience but I felt like I needed a few years to fully appreciate the play. Or maybe I just love life too much to like this kind of drama. Either way I felt like the play was a little too adult for my taste so I would recommend it for adults of 30years and up. I give it 3,5 stars though 🙂

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1 Response to "The Finnhorse"

The food was terrific. The play was so-and-so. Not exactly my top 5 theater performances (and bear in mind I go rarely to the playhouses) 😉

But all nights are great, as long as they are with you! :*

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