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Experience and education

Posted on: 8.10.2010

John Dewey

In my studies there is one name that I hear almost every single day – John Dewey! I am taking a theory-class this fall and on the reading list was one of his essays Experience and education. To make it easier on myself I decided to read it in Icelandic but the original came out in the States the year 1938. It is amazing how – after all these years – it still covers the basics of the field.

Dewey was a philosopher and a psychologist. Though he himself didn’t really do it, his work has been connected with pragmatism. He had many ideas of democracy as well as it’s intimate connection with education. His most famous work is maybe of experiential learning or “learning by doing”.

In experience and education he writes about his main views on both of these concepts and emphasizes that there really is important that teachers consider their student’s experience before and during teaching, planning and curriculum modeling. Former experiences always influences student’s understanding of the subject. Experiential learning can be very affective method of learning.

The essay was short and relatively easy to read and follow. I recommend it for education students, teachers and a large part of all university students.


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