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Posted on: 1.10.2010

OK – I admit it, I am a huge chick lit fan! There is something so great about this type of literature. The characters are usually funny, the plot is fun to read even though it’s often quite alike and finally they are easy to read and you relax while you read them. Also, being a girl at the age of 24 I,  more often than not, feel like I can relate to the characters – at least on some levels. So I read a lot of chick lit. And in my opinion there is a queen of the genre and her name is Sophie Kinsella. As the author of the Shopaholic series which i love (can’t wait to read the new one) she has certainly made an impression on me.

Actually I just finished reading two of her books and I wanted to review one of them Remember me? I try to make a habit of not reading the backside of books – although I sometimes judge them by the cover  (I tend to pick the pink ones) – so I didn’t really know anything about the novel beforehand. The story is about an everyday girl, Lexi Smart, not the most confident one in the bunch, who wakes up in a hospital and has totally forgotten the last three years of her life. In that time everything about her and her life has changed! Her looks, her friends, her mate and her job. Her life seems to be like  the dreamlife she always used to wish for but is it really perfect?

The plot was unexpected, in a good way, and the book didn’t fail to deliver.  To me though the story lacked some believability, it didn’t completely convince me – but I read it in Icelandic so there is a possibility that something was lost in translation. I really liked that the character of Lexi continued to be her old self in her new body/life  who should have brought confidence.  I wanted to get to know a great carachter like Rebecca Bloomwood (Shopaholic) but Lexi lacks the believability, like I said before. That part disappointed me a bit.

I would recommend this book to my friends and other chick lit loving women out there. I thought it was pretty good so I give it 4 stars. I’d like to see a movie adaptation and looked it up to try and see if it had been made. I found a movie with the same title – and starring Robert Pattinson – but it was a different story. That’s a shame, he would have been perfect for the role of Jon.

That’s it for now – XO



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